Friday Sept., 20, 2019.

The schedule changes a bit. The most important change, apart unfortunately cancelled talks, is that the hackathon will be presented at the end of the morning session.

Morning: talks

  • 10h30: welcome
  • 10h40: Paul Villoutreix, invited speaker: Image data integration for developmental biology
  • 11h10: R. Huusari, Cross-View Kernel Transfer
  • 11h35: C. Herold, Multimodal deep networks for text and image-based document classification
  • 12h00: S. Poelsterl, A Wide and Deep Neural Network for Survival Analysis from Anatomical Shape and Tabular Clinical Data
  • 12h25: Presentation of the hackathon : data and task(s), starting kit

Afternoon: hackathon

The hackathon is organised by the Lives project, under the supervision of Stéphane Ayache, Riikka Huusari and Paul Villoutreix, with the kind help of Isabelle Guyon. It is managed using the codalab platform. Explanations, data, task and basic code are available here :

  • 14h00: First submissions with the starting kit
  • 14h20: Software and data installation on personal computers (10mn).
  • 14h30: Individual or team work
  • 16h00: Coffee break
  • 16h15: Individual or team work
  • 17h45: Presentation of the results and winners (10mn)
  • 18h00: Conclusion